Eat It Too

First published in Issue 1 of Pastel Magazine She can’t help herself. Months and months have been leading up to this, endless days spent sighing and yawning through every boutique bakery in town. She’s done her waiting. And here it is: pink and white, well-decorated with tiny roses and tantalisingly triple-tiered. Her aching belly draws … More Eat It Too

Meat and Nicotine

First published in Issue 7 of IBIS Zine   A piece of red raw meat and a cigarette butt sit close together on the pavement at my feet, as I wait at a bus stop. The meat, mostly cream-coloured fat, streaked red between, veined and tendoned. It is about the size of a child’s fist, … More Meat and Nicotine

Underwater Elegy

First presented as part of These Frozen Moments, an installation curated and produced by Kieran Swann, The Good Room collective. Photography by Dave D’Arcy.   String me up by my ankles, all bone and barnacled meat. Scoop out my guts strawberry-ice-cream-style licking your lips, serrated silver spoon in hand, trace me with your surgeon’s scalpel, teeth … More Underwater Elegy

Bare Knuckle Rubble

First performed as a slam poem at the Ruckus Brisbane June slam, 2017 You can find me here beneath stalagmite lights reeling from the ceiling I’ll be standing on a shifting tectonic stage before an underground audience listening, sighing and snickering over stone. Feeling the atoms rioting in the air beneath the rattled earth where … More Bare Knuckle Rubble

What’s For Dinner

First published in Issue 2 of Veronica Literary Magazine When shopping for nothing we notice half three-quarter no-quarter prices We find our nothing marked down to full retail price, pack it into vacant trolley, pay quickly, lug it home. Remove nothing from plastic bag in kitchen. Cut free from shrink-wrap sarcophagus, extracted with bare fingers. … More What’s For Dinner